Me, photographing President Joe Biden. Photograph by Michael Lee Larkey.

After more than twenty years of making pictures, I’ve learned plenty. The stories our faces and bodies tell. The value and place of light we’re given or we create. The moments, observed or made, when everything comes together.

We often don’t see for ourselves what others see. Camera phones are great, ever closer to the abilities of professional equipment, but they can’t think and shouldn’t act for you. Learn to see, frame, light, and when to capture. See now and a few seconds ahead. Wait in place or meet the coming moment. Grow your way of seeing, and your photographs will be outstanding.

I’m happy to share what I’ve learned with you. You can study with me in two ways:

Advancing Your Vision

Private photography tutoring, $100/hour
One-on-one, custom-tailored teaching of all facets of photography at all levels. No experience required.

Learn more and register here.

The Photographic Storyteller's Toolkit

Craft seminar, one session, camera with manual settings required
Winter 2022, date to come.

Your best photographs happen when you combine your technical expertise, readiness, inspiration, and practice. In this deep-dive seminar, we'll explore each of the above in detail. We’ll build a foundation to help you take your photography to the next level, with lessons to embolden not only your pictures but also your view to the stories you tell and the life you live. This seminar is best suited for students getting to know their cameras, already making pictures, and looking to make them better.

Praise for the Toolkit:

"What a privilege. I appreciate your sharing so generously. You shared your knowledge, but more importantly, artistically wove your passion for storytelling throughout in a way that could not help but draw in and capture your audience." —Susan L.

"What an incredibly generous and rewarding session. Inspiring. Extremely grateful for all of it. There was so much good in such a relatively short time. Thank you." —Nana A.

Future Opportunities

For undergraduate students
I welcome two interns to work with me each academic term. If interested, please submit your cover letter and CV here. Applications for fall 2020 are being accepted now.

For photographers of all levels
Please be in touch for private lessons as noted above. I otherwise look forward to working with you at the craft seminar in 2022. Thank you.

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