Beowulf Sheehan's photo studio is an elegant, comfortable, private space for portraiture and creative photography, located in Manhattan's East Village.

Studio details and equipment, as of June 1, 2017

16’ wide, 28’6” long, 10’ ceilings, hardwood floors
Southern exposure, three 6’6” x 3’ windows
Amenities include air conditioning, full kitchen, 1 1/2 baths, hair and makeup vanity, wifi

Backgrounds and flooring
4’6” and 9’ seamless, various colors
Blackout fabric, various sizes
Flat-white-painted walls, two, 12’ w x 10’ h each
Silver-painted wall, 5’6” w x 10’ h
Brick wall, 4’9” w x 10’ h
Hardwood floors
Rosco reversible (black/grey) vinyl flooring

Broncolor Grafit A2 1600 w/s power packs, 2
Broncolor Pulso G heads, 4
Broncolor Pulso reflectors, 2
Profoto Acute 2R 1200 w/s power packs, 2
Profoto Acute heads, 4
Profoto Acute zoom reflectors, 4
Profoto Acute grid reflectors, 2
Profoto Acute extension cord
PocketWizard PlusX transceivers

Light shaping
Blackout window shades
Chimera small striplight softboxes, 4
Chimera small softboxes, 2
Chimera extra-small softbox
Chimera octa beauty dish, 30”
Elinchrom Rotalux deep throat octabox, 39”
Elinchrom Rotalux mini octabox, 39”
Photoek Softlighter II, 30"
Photek Softlighter II, 46”, 2
Photek Softlighter II, 60"
Westcott 7' parabolic umbrella, 2
Westcott Scrim Jim, 42” x 72" 
Spunglass fabric, 36"x12'
V-flats, black/white, 4'x8' (2) and 3'x8' (2)
Misc. diffusion/reflection cards and discs, cinefoil, flags, gels, grids (5°, 20°, 30°, 40°), speed rings

Avenger combo boom, 
Manfrotto air-cushioned rolling light stands, 2
Manfrotto backlite stands, 2
Matthews C stands, 40”, with knuckles and arms, 2
Matthew C stand, 
Manfrotto CX Pro 3 tripod with Bogen ball head 498
Savage Port-a-Stand
Delta 1 pneumatic posing table II
Miscellaneous apple boxes, a-clamps, brackets, sandbags, super clamps, tripods

Conair fabric steamer
Iron and ironing board
Vanity mirror

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